My great grandpa, Antone, died on this Christmas Eve; he was 101 years old. We just held funeral services for him yesterday at Long Beach, Washington. He is survived by his only son, Marshall (my grandpa), my grandpa’s wife, Helen (my grandma), and loads of grandchildren, great-grandchildren (of whom I am one), and great great grandchildren. He leaves quite a legacy. We will be holding final services for him here in Portland where he will be encrypted next to his wife of 69 years (my great grandma), this Friday.

Great grandpa was born in 1906, his life spans an amazing amount of both world and American history. In his lifetime he went from an agrarian, horse and buggy society, to gas powered cars, and finally into the “Information Age”. He worked for Union Pacific Railroad in many capacities for approximately 20 years, then he worked for the federal government out of Washington, DC as an inspector for the railroads. He was a brilliant man, and now he is even more brilliant as he is in the presence of the Lord Jesus. He came to the Lord years and years and years ago, and he had an intimate relationship with Jesus — now it is even more intimate (I envy him for that). We will miss him, he was a loving honorable man, and he has left a weighty heritage.

I just wanted to recognize my great grandpa … he will be deeply missed.