This is my first post using my voice recognition software. It’s a little slow going, but it appears to be much better than previous voice recognition software, that I purchased in the past. I am looking forward to posting on many theological topics. I am really excited about this, because this is going to allow me to engage the blogosphere once again. My next post will be discussing Karl Barth, and his view on election. What I am most excited about, is that Karl Barth’s approach is much more Christo centric than the typical reformed perspective on election.

Reformed theology tends to relegate election to Christ’s mediatorial function as high priest, instead of seeing Christ’s election as an integral part of his nature in eternity; relative to his relationship with the father. In other words, it seems that election for the reformed implies change in the nature of Christ via the incarnation. Anyway, I digress. I look forward to posting once again, and I equally look forward to the interaction.Β  I once had with you all in the blogosphere.