Believe it or not, I am coming back to the blogosphere once again. I am sure you believe it, . . . oh sigh πŸ˜‰ . I won’t be back until about the new year, but I am really excited to start posting once again. The primary reason for my absence was because of my tendonitis and arm problems; but I am going to invest in some excellent “voice recognition software” called Dragon 9, which will allow me to join you all once again. I have to wait until Christmas to purchase this (since I am receiving money for Christmas), but watch out, once I get this, hopefully I will be full force, and once again cultivating an addiction that hopefully results in the edification of the body of Christ (represented on the internet).

I am naming my new blog Kerygmachinations which is a compound word of my own making. Kerygma, as many of you know, comes from koine Greek and signifies “preaching the ‘good news'” of Jesus Christ. It also has become paradigmatic, in theology talk, for things associated with the gospel (often times liberals have used this word to denote the search for the “essence” of the gospel—but don’t worry I am using it in its biblical connotative sense which simply gets at the “preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ” as defined in the New Testament). Oh, and machinations simply means “thinking, thoughts, etc.” Thus my new blog will be oriented around gospel thoughts.

The new name will be White To Harvest!

Anyway, I am hyper excited about the possibility for blogging once again, and I look forward to this endeavor once I purchase Dragon 9. I will see you then, and not sooner . . . peace!